SUN DESERT HOMES believes that remodeling a home is often the best choice. Remodeling can make an older home feel like a new one. Even a small change can make a big difference!

Remodeling is very different from new home construction, requiring knowledge only learned from doing. Hiring an experienced remodeler can save you time, money and ultimately mean the success of your project. Sun Desert Homes has constructed improvements on all levels. From refitting to relocating bathrooms,  removing walls, adding second floors, replacing windows …The list is long!

Among all areas of remodeling, kitchens are our specialty. Having a skillful woman builder is valuable. Susan Dodge has been designing and building kitchens for thirty years and has received many awards. Although at home in high end renovations, she finds great satisfaction in helping people with modest budgets remodel their kitchens to achieve “high end” results.

No matter what type of project you are considering, large or small, we invite you to Contact Us to discuss your ideas. Find out how Sun Desert Homes can help you achieve your goals, working within your budget for the best possible result.